The Ultimate Honda Acty Guide

The Honda Acty is an iconic mini truck. First released in 1977, Honda has continued to improve the design and has created a successful line of kei trucks over four generations.  Not only did the Acty’s design progress over time, so did its performance capabilities with increased engine size and horsepower.  While Honda was able to create a powerful and efficient mini truck they remained extremely reliable, which is why so many people chose to own them for a variety of purposes, ranging from agriculture, to work trucks, to around-the-town utility vehicles.
Honda designed the Acty to be an economical, agile and versatile work vehicle.  They generally lack luxury options such as air conditioning and power steering, but this benefits their very simple and utilitarian purpose.   

Model/Generation Summary

First Generation - 1977-1988 - TA, TB, TC, VD, VH Models
Second Generation - 1988-1999 - HA1, HA2, HH1, HH2 (E05A Engine), HA3, HA4, HA5, HH3, HH4 (E07A Engine)
Third Generation - 1999-2009 - HA6, HA7, HH5, HH7 (E07Z Engine)
Fourth Generation - 2009-Present - HA8 (E07Z Engine)


First Generation

The Honda Acty was first introduced on July 27, 1977 and replaced previous kei trucks that Honda offered, such as the Honda TN360.  In 1975, the Japanese Government had altered the Road Trucking Vehicle Law that regulated the vehicle body dimensions, along with the engine size for vehicles in the “keitora” class of vehicles. 
The first Acty trucks and vans came with a mid-mounted 545cc two cylinder SOHC engine, which was water cooled and known as the EH engine. This engine produced 28 PS (27 HP) at 5,500 RPM, and 41 NM (30 LB/FT) of torque at 4,000 RPM.
Honda added a van to the Acty lineup in November 1979, and offered an upgraded trim level version called the Honda Street, intended mainly as a passenger vehicle in 1981.  The name was discontinued in 2001 and this model continued on as the Honda Vamos.
In 1982 the truck and van received a facelift with turn signals that wrapped around the front corners.  The Acty truck continued with round headlights, and the Street received square headlights.   

TA Honda Acty


Second Generation

The second generation Acty was released in May 1988, and featured the new E05A engine, which was a 547cc three cylinder engine rated at 34hp at 5,550 RPM, and 33 LB/FT at 5,000 RPM.
This release included both the truck (HA1, HA2) models, and the van (HH1, HH2 models).
Honda created a version branded the Attack, specifically designed for agriculture use, with a rear differential lock, along with ultra-low forward and reverse gears. 
The truck versions had similar round headlights as the previous generation, and the van had square headlights. 
In March 1990, Honda updated the truck to square headlights, along with a 10cm body extension.  The most important update at this time was the release of the E07A engine, which was 656cc and rated at 38 HP at 5,300 RPM, and 40 LB/FT of torque at 4,500 RPM.
In October 1993 there was another update, which included larger rectangular headlights with chamfered corners.  A PGM-FI version of the Acty Street vans was also introduced, called the Fox and Xi, and produced 44 HP.
January 1994 saw the introduction of the Crawler, designated the HA5 model.  This model had treads mounted on tandem axles replacing the rear wheels.  It remained in production until 1999 as a special order vehicle.
In January 1996, the Acty truck and van were updated with clear front turn signals replacing the amber signals.
The Acty truck continued production until 1999 when the new generation was released, however the Acty Street van was continued until 2001, when it was replaced with the Honda Vamos. 

HA1 Honda Acty


HA4 Honda Acty


Third Generation

The third generation Acty truck was released on May 27, 1999.  In September 1996 the Japanese Government revised the Enforcement Regulations Vehicle Law which addressed safety requirements for front passengers, but did not increase body size.  Honda moved the driving position back while keeping the engine in its usual mid-mount position underneath the bed.  The new design kept the mid-mounted engine but had a new small bonnet design.
The 656cc engine was of LEV design, with low emissions and superior fuel mileage.  The introduction of electric power steering also helped to improve its fuel economy.  This engine produced 46 PS (45HP) at 5,000 RPM.  The engine was then updated to the E07Z engine, which produced 53 PS (52HP) at 7,000 RPM, and 61 NM (45 LB/FT) of torque at 4,000 RPM.  The truck was available as a standard model, an SDX model (Super Deluxe) and a more comfortable Town model. 
The Attack was a sparsely equipped 4WD version with a rear differential lock, intended primarily for agriculture use.  

HA7 Honda Acty


Fourth Generation

On December 17, 2009, the fourth generation Acty (HA8 2WD, HA9 4WD) was released.  It continued use of the E07Z engine, with power at 45 PS (44 HP).   The wheelbase for this model was shortened to 1.9 meters, the same as the second generation Acty.  In June 2012 the Acty received some light modifications to meet new lighting standards.
In November of 2018 Honda released the Spirit Colour Style, which was a special vehicle to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of the T360.   

HA9 Honda Acty


The Honda Acty in the USA

The Honda Acty is quickly becoming one of the most sought after vehicles in America due to its reliability, affordability, and versatility. With its small size and excellent fuel efficiency, it is perfect for getting around tight spaces or going on longer trips. In addition to transportation purposes, the Honda Acty is being used as a cargo hauling truck by many businesses as well due to its impressive payload capacity compared to its compact size.

Apart from commercial use, the Acty has become increasingly popular among those looking for recreational activities such as camping trips or exploring nature. Its sturdy construction and comfortable interior make it an ideal option for those seeking a leisurely getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Honda Acty is proving itself to be a versatile vehicle with many uses across the US in both business and recreational settings. Whether you’re looking for a dependable truck to haul cargo or just need an affordable way to get away, the Honda Acty has become an increasingly popular choice.

Overall, the Honda Acty is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable vehicle in the United States. With its versatility, fuel efficiency and payload capacity it can offer something for everyone. From commercial use to recreational activities, the Acty is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after vehicles around. If you are in search of a small truck that can do it all, then look no further than the Honda Acty!

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Honda Acty

1. Versatile transmission: The Honda Acty comes in either manual or automatic, depending on your needs

2. Compact size: The Honda Acty is very compact, making it perfect for tight spaces and limited parking spots.

3. Fuel efficiency: Thanks to its fuel-efficient design and engine, the Honda Acty's fuel economy can reach up to 45 miles per gallon on the highway.

4. Towing capacity: The Honda Acty is capable of towing up to 1,000 pounds, giving it great utility potential on top of its everyday usefulness.

5. Off-road capability: With superior ground clearance and a rugged suspension system, the Honda Acty can handle almost any terrain with ease.

6. Large cargo area: The spacious cargo area in the back of the Honda Acty offers plenty of room for all your equipment and supplies while you are on the go.

7. Affordable price: Despite its many features, the Honda Acty is surprisingly affordable compared to other vehicles in its class.

8. Reliable performance: With its solid build quality and reliable engine components, you can depend on your Honda Acty for years to come without too much maintenance or repair work needed along the way.

9. Strong safety features: Some later models come equipped with numerous advanced safety features such as antilock brakes and airbags for added protection on the roadways.   

10 Durability : Thanks to its sturdy construction and use of high-quality components, the Honda Acty will stand up against regular wear and tear from daily use.